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COGNIZE - Website Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that the Terms and Conditions of Website are read carefully as it is related to your use of the COGNIZE website. You reach at a legal binding agreement with COGNIZE by accepting to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed in the Website. If you find it difficult to follow the Terms and Conditions of the Website, you will have to end using the Website. Additionally, there are chances that we may bring amendments in the Terms and Conditions at a later point. By continually using the Website, it is understood that you are agreed with the amended Terms and Conditions as well.

Disclaimer Policy

COGNIZE being a subdivision of (‘School of Business, London Ltd”) has ensured that the information provided in the Website is remarkably accurate and genuine. Anyhow, all the information and data provided on this Website is based on the ‘as is’ clause and do not give provisions for implied warranties. No guarantee is ensured on any of the specific terms provided in this Website regarding its accuracy.
Those who wish to inquire about the truthfulness of the provided information will have to go through the source of information supplied by COGNIZE or connect with one of the executives of COGNIZE. COGNIZE is not responsible for any kinds of loss or any impairment on account of the access or use of the Website. The user has to take the entire risk of using or accessing the Website. Moreover, COGNIZE does not guarantee that the Website or any associated website is free from malware, viruses or other malicious software. It would be better if you opt for adequate virus protection and verification before the accessing or downloading of any content from the Website.

COGNIZE Copyright

All the data and information included in the Website such as the text, graphics, pictures, sounds, etc., are protected in accordance to the irregularly amended Copyright Act, 1968 and the laws of the corresponding countries. You are not allowed to change, modify, store or transfer the information provided in the Website or any other portion unless the authorities of COGNIZE has given permission for the same.


Protection in accordance with the relevant laws in the United Kingdom and other nations are provided to the trademarks involved in the Website, which are regarded as the properties of the respective owners. You are approved to save or print a copy of the trademarks included if it is required for any personal non-commercial use and not authorised to perform any actions like reproduction, alteration, repudiation, display or communication of the trademarks unless the concerned authorities make the sanction of COGNIZE or the owner of the trademark

Links from the Website

COGNIZE does not have any control of the externally linked websites. Similarly, COGNIZE is not responsible for the information provided or its accuracy on the externally linked sites. COGNIZE does not have any relationship or agreement with the concerned organisation or the link of the site linked within the Website.


In order to enable proper communication for effective business operations, COGNIZE has included some electronic addresses in the Website. However, COGNIZE is not responsible for the receiving of any unwanted messages (SPAM) from the addresses linked or COGNIZE, as issued in the Spam Act, 2003 and laws of any other countries.

Privacy Policy

You can find the Privacy Policy of the COGNIZE here. The privacy policy of COGNIZE is encompassed on the data and information provided by the Website and may not find similar to the policies of organisations’ linked to this Website. You are kindly requested to look through and understand the Privacy Policy of the sites linked to this Website.

Legal responsibility

The contents of this Website is not illustrated or assured by COGNIZE. Any direct or resulting losses, loses due to discrepancies of security, revealing of any confidential information, involvement of any computer virus in association with the use of the Website on the basis of any faults in the contract, offence, product liability or any other reasons cannot be under the responsibility of COGNIZE, despite if it is informed in advance by the COGNIZE of the damages. Any liability that is caused on account of the access of the Website is excluded from the responsibilities of COGNIZE to limits authorised by the concerned laws. Further, you have approved to protect COGNIZE if any situations of loss or damage occur by using the Website. The usage of the Website is solely on your risk and the complete responsibility and risk of any loss due to the downloading, access or use of any content from the Website is on the user. According to the relevant laws, COGNIZE has a combined liability for any loss or damage caused by the access of the Website to a minimum amount of AUD$1.

Laws of Governance

Laws of England and Wales govern and interpret the Website Terms and Conditions, and in case of any complaints, you can approach the non-exclusive jurisdictions of England and Wales.

Terms and Conditions for the User-generated materials

Please have a look at the Terms and Conditions as they are involved in the Content that you have submitted to the COGNIZE Website, other social networks and media. User-generated websites are included by COGNIZE that enables the users to submit, post or tag their Content, which contain materials like text, graphs, images comments, etc.
On submitting your relevant Content to the User Generated Website, you are to abide by the Terms and Conditions, resulting in a legal agreement between COGNIZE INTERNATIONAL and the user. If you are not interested in the Terms and Conditions included, you are not required to submit your Content in the Website.

In short, you agree to the following conditions:

  • You grant COGNIZE and its associates the permission to access and use the Content that you submitted on their social media, other websites for an unlimited period
  • You have the right to allow permission to others to access and use the Content as you are the creator of the Content or you have sought authorisation from the creator of the Content.
  • The user controls all appropriate rights and sanctions to authorise the usage and access of the Content to others with all the fundamentals in the Content.
  • The user has a minimum age of 18 years. Additionally, COGNIZE can amend these Terms and Conditions at any point of its functioning. The constant use of the Website is regarded as the agreement to these amendments.


On submitting your Content through the Website of COGNIZE, you permit them to utilise, adjust, alter, modify, process, publicly display, reproduce in public terms, and transfer the Content, in part or full, for purposes like marketing, advertising and promotion of COGNIZE through a generalised, authentic, unalterable, long- lasting, royalty free global license. The COGNIZE can use the Content to post it on social networks, publicise through emails, display it on computers or mobile devices or print the Content; however, the uses cannot be limited to the mentioned. The Content that you have submitted to the Website will be considered to be non- confidential and non-patented. COGNIZE has the right to use any content that you have submitted to its Website and duplicate it if required. In particular terms, COGNIZE can use any ideas, concepts, theories, thoughts or suggestions contained in the submitted Content for any of the purposes like marketing, advertising and development of products and services. COGNIZE does not require to give any compensation for the use of the submitted Content. On submitting your Content in the Website, you assure that you are the owner of the submitted Content and the use of the Content by COGNIZE does not result in breaking of any rules or laws and do not violate the rights of any third party as well. Similarly, COGNIZE is not obliged to use the Content submitted. You agree that COGNIZE is comprised of both external and internal resources and so they may develop or would have already developed ideas that are similar to your Content submitted within the Website. COGNIZE will only consider those Content that is according to these mentioned terms. In case of any disagreement of the conditions and thereby requiring to delete the Content submitted from the user-generated and COGNIZE Websites, please contact us through mail info@cogni-ze.com. It is required to include the link of the Content to be removed in the request. COGNIZE will practically perform appropriate actions to remove the Content as per the request made.

Website Terms and Conditions

You are subjected to accept and abide by the Website Terms and Conditions along with the Terms and conditions for the user-generated materials.